MPC Creative Captures Soul of Skateboard Culture for Loke

MPC Creative Captures Soul of Skateboard Culture for Loke

MPC Creative created and entirely produced the launch film for a new skateboarding app called Loke. Loke was created by the New York-based digital studio Attaboy makes, a side project of Andrei Juradowitch, whose full-time job is Creative Director at MPC Creative.

Designed by skaters for skaters, Loke offers real-time visibility into where users are skating and where the best sessions are happening. With Loke, skaters can communicate with their crew and plan sessions at hundreds of skate spots available in each major city across the US.

The film, directed by MPC Creative's Daniel Uribe, showcases a group of male and female skaters seamlessly and efficiently coming together for a session via the power of the app. Shot across the city's five boroughs, its cast is seen on the move, propelled by a driving music track, eventually converging in Lower Manhattan to session Black Hubba, a staple of NYC skate videos.

Uribe's camera follows them as they navigate the unique architecture and cityscapes of the city. "My goal was to capture the freedom skateboarders experience when skating in NYC, taking on the ramps and curves they find in this concrete jungle," Uribe explained. "We wanted to depict the people, places and textures of NYC, which is the birthplace of Loke. In a sense, we're showing off its bloodlines, since New York is home to diversity and innovation. It's at the forefront of youth culture, and that's what Loke is all about."

"We intentionally gave the film an overly-saturated, warm and gritty look," noted Juradowitch, who says the team drew inspiration from the iconic 1980's photography of Jamel Shabazz. "All of Loke's messaging reflects this motif," added Attaboy makes co-founder Terry Newman, a seasoned creative and product designer. "Articulating it via film was part of the brief we gave Daniel, and he satisfied it impressively."


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