Blacktop Creates Concept Store for Home Bakery

Blacktop Creates Concept Store for Home Bakery

Blacksheep has designed the new bakery store located in the Galleria Mall, a recent development in the Al Wasl shopping district of Dubai. Home Bakery's modest and authentic approach offers a home for traditional delights and familiar treats, in contrast with Dubai's typical modern aesthetic.

Blacksheep created a brand DNA based on the core value "Simple Indulgence." From this a visual identity was created, using three different design elements all derived from the emotionally evocative and sensory pleasure experienced when we eat sweet foods. A wordmark was created using a unique set of hand drawn letterforms - representing the simplicity of the brand and emphasizing how the desserts themselves are made, by hand.

Brandmark variations reference baking in the most literal sense - the sprinkling of cocoa or icing sugar, and the shape of Home Bakery's most infamous product: the Chewy Melt cookie. A vertical gradient represents the physical 'high' experienced when sweet food is eaten, with colours taken from a classic ingredient of Arabic baking - the pistachio nut.

The interior design reflects the origins and values of the brand, incorporating a house-like structure within the internal framework of the restaurant which curves inwards to act as bench seating and creates an atmosphere of homeliness and comfort. Honesty in the earthiness of the materials and furnishings including rustic oak timber, thick padded fabric, and worn leather allows the simple deliciousness of the products to speak for themselves.