The Gorgeous Kitchen by Blacksheep

The Gorgeous Kitchen by Blacksheep

Blacksheep recently unveiled The Gorgeous Kitchen, a new all-day dining concept launched as part of the regeneration project at T2, Heathrow.

Set within a fast paced environment that is often more associated with stress, confusion and fast food, The Gorgeous Kitchen allows guests to escape to a world of tranquility before they even step onto the runway. Having the award-winning design of Jamie's Italian Gatwick under their belt, meant Blacksheep are no strangers to working within the challenging airport environment.

"There is still much work to do in improving these environments in terms of the experiences they offer their guests, but the entire regeneration programme at T2 is promising as it reflects the shift in this thinking," commented Nathalie Gibbs, Creative Director of Blacksheep. "The Gorgeous Kitchen is just the type of beautiful and indulgent dining experience that travelers today deserve to enjoy before they jet off."

Blacksheep were involved with developing all aspects of the 360 degree brand experience from the design of the identity right through to the interiors of the space and everything in between. For the brand's identity they wanted to create something that would truly capture the unique collaboration and chemistry of the four leading chefs. A bespoke wordmark; crafted out of a variety of different typefaces represents just that. Purposefully placed across three levels, it represents the stages of a journey whilst the punctuation or beauty mark denotes the pause that the environment creates for the guest as well as giving a subtle hint towards the femininity and beauty of the concept. Always surrounded by space, the overall identity reflects the sanctuary in which the environment envelops the guest.

This notion of space can also be seen throughout the restaurant's interior, evoking feelings of tranquility, peace and calm, an escape within an escape. The layout of the restaurant itself is based on natural organization and freedom of form.

The introduction of delicate copper vinaigrettes help connect the spaces from a central point creating pockets of natural rest. Antique Murano glass shades appear to float effortlessly complimenting the calm atmosphere of the safe haven whilst giving it a certain ethereal quality.