CK Designs New Retail Concept for Joseph Cheaney's Jermyn Street Flagship Store

CK Designs New Retail Concept for Joseph Cheaney's Jermyn Street Flagship Store

Checkland Kindleysides has designed Joseph Cheaney's new store on Jermyn Street, London. The street, whose own history dates back to the 17th century, has a worldwide reputation for high quality British artistry and craftsmanship and is home to some of London's finest men's tailors, shirt makers and suppliers of leather goods: the perfect place for Joseph Cheaney's new store.

The store is divided into two distinct areas; whilst the front area echoes their factory and is designed to emphasise the fact that Cheaney manufacture by hand in England, the second area is designed to feel like the boardroom area where portraits of the founders are hung.

The front of the store has white painted brickwork, panelled ceiling and metal framed screens with reeded glass, all cues are taken from the Cheaney factory in Northampton. White solid surface panels fixed to the screens echo factory pegboards on which product stories can be told.

In the centre of the store a long feature table talks about the craft of the shoemaker. It includes a 1:100 scale model of the Cheaney factory and an exploded and layered display of how Cheaney make their shoes.

The handsome space at the back of the store provides contrast to the front, with the luxurious inky blue carpet and the furniture creating a more masculine environment. Beautiful canvas panel portraits of the company's founder Joseph Cheaney and his son Arthur, sit within contemporary showcases set against sharp blue/black painted walls. This is where customers are served and fitted with their shoes.

The back wall provides additional, carefully curated displays of shoes and tools telling the story of how the shoes have been crafted. Leather sample finishes and details are presented like library books, each hand finished in the Cheaney factory. Next to this, Joseph Cheaney's premium range of shoes is presented in a glazed cabinet behind locked sliding walnut framed doors.

In the background a staircase lined with antique wooden shoe laths leads staff to the stockroom in the basement.

The design for the new store combines contemporary and traditional materials, produced and finished by craftsmen in our workshops, a true reflection of Joseph Cheaney which presents them as a progressive brand with traditional values, steeped in heritage.

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