Eight Inc. Brings Refinement and Design to Union Larder

Eight Inc. Brings Refinement and Design to Union Larder

San Francisco's beautiful Russian Hill will receive a distinctive and tasteful addition to the neighborhood. Eight Inc., together with owners Jay Esopenko and Melissa Gugni, designed Union Larder, a unique wine bar, cafe, and specialty grocery at 1945 Hyde Street.

The site, originally part of a parking garage and mechanic's space built in the 1920's, features abundant natural light and a connection to the activity and energy of Hyde Street. The original concrete structure has been exposed and large structural steel elements have been added that influence the aesthetic and design language of this 800 square foot space.

In collaboration with local craftsmen including blacksmith, Joe Tocchi, Gentleman Scholar Signs and carpentry elements including tables, chairs and light fixtures by Peter Doolittle, the design references the industrial nature of the building.

The interior is supplemented with select pieces of reclaimed furniture tastefully integrated into the space. A material palette consisting of wood, blackened steel, zinc and distressed leather creates a warm, intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. With chef Ramon Siewart leading their team, 30 seats at the bar and communal tables, Union Larder will be a hub for the local community, complementing the Russian Hill neighborhood.

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