Art Deco Museum Releases New Book Honoring Gabriel Voisin

Art Deco Museum Releases New Book Honoring Gabriel Voisin

The Mullin Automotive Museum announced the exclusive U.S. release of its latest book, VOISIN: La Différence, a modern retrospective on Gabriel Voisin and his avant garde designs and pioneering inventions.

Created in partnership with the Mullin Automotive Museum, VOISIN: La Différence was authored by the world's leading Voisin experts and historians: Philipp Moch, Pierre Vanier, Reg Winstone and Philippe Ladure. The book chronicles the compelling stories of Gabriel Voisin and his ingenious creations in bi-lingual text (English and French), and features a wealth of previously unpublished modern and historic photography. The book showcases nine of Voisin's most iconic automotive designs, including the incomparable 1935 Avions-Voisin C25 Aérodyne, and celebrates Voisin's remarkable contribution to the defining technologies of his century.

"Gabriel Voisin was truly man unlike any other of his time. He was an artist, an inventor, a designer whose curiosity and talents can only compare to likes of Leonard da Vinci," said Peter Mullin, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Mullin Automotive Museum. "We're proud to be a part of this magnificent effort to honor a man who made such a profound impact on the world, yet is rarely celebrated."

One of the most significant designers of the early 20th Century, Voisin's remarkable achievements in automobiles, aviation and architecture represent the pinnacle of style and innovation of the Art Deco era. Voisin's revolutionary designs include the first aircraft to take off under its own power and sustain flight (1907), the C6 Laboratoire racecars that triumphed over Bugatti (1922) and some of the world's first modern prefabricated homes (1920).

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