A-Bike Electric Launches on Kickstarter

A-Bike Electric Launches on Kickstarter

by Levent Ozler

British inventor Sir Clive Sinclair launched A-Bike Electric, a lightweight and durable electric bike, on Kickstarter.

"We envisage A-Bike as the ideal solution for travelling at both ends of a commuter journey," Sinclair commented. "A typical commuter needs to get from home to local station and thereafter from destination to office or workplace - without anxiety of portability, parking and security."

The brushless motor and a quick charge 24V battery powers A-Bike Electric for up to 25km (16 miles). Riders can go further and cycle up hills without working up a sweat.

A-Bike Electric is lightweight and durable, using aircraft grade aluminium and high-strength glass-reinforced polymers. Weighing only 12kg (26lbs) A-Bike Electric is light enough to take on public transport, carry up stairs and get through busy crowds.

A telescopic design means it can be transformed and ready to ride or carry in less than 10 seconds. Its space saving design allows A-Bike Electric to be tucked away under a seat in a taxi, at the coffee shop or at work. Removing the need to find space in a bike park and concerns over possible theft.

The dual chain-drive is specifically configured to increase gearing whilst being fully encased to keep your hands and clothes free from grease.