26 Creative Characters

26 Creative Characters

26 Creative Characters is a unique alphabet made by twenty-six leading international typographic designers, including Alex Trochut, Thonik and Hansje van Halem.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of their design studio Autobahn, Maarten Dullemeijer and Rob Stolte invited 26 renowned (typo)graphic designers from The Netherlands and abroad to give a special twist to our Latin alphabet. Each designer was assigned one letter, to shape it in their own specific way. This resulted in a remarkable collection of letters in a unique blend of styles and made of different materials. From a handmade 'D' with needle and thread by Evelin Kasikov (UK), the 'X' made from a composition of baseball bats by Joachim Baan, to the mesmerizing patterns of Hansje van Halem in the letter 'C' and the digitally illustrated 'R' by Alex Trochut (US).

The alphabet '26 Creative Characters' consists of: the letter B by Nick Liefhebber, the C by Hansje van Halem, the D by Evelin Kasikov, the E by Dog&Pony, the F by Exljbris, the G by Roosje Klap, the H by Trapped in Suburbia, the I by Included, the J by Max Kisman, the K by Lil'Ol'Lady, the L by Studio Airport, the M by Staynice, the N by Baster, the O by Jaap Biemans, the P by Gorilla, the Q by Dietwee, the R by Alex Trochut, the S by Underware, the T by Jeroen Disch, the U by Thonik, the V by FL@33, the W by Hoax, the X by Joachim Baan, the Y by ME studio and the Z by Jaques Koeweiden. The letter A by Autobahn is off course designed by Dullemeijer and Stolte themselves.

With '26 Creative Characters' Autobahn celebrates the typographical diversity of contemporary graphic design. The alphabet will be on view at the Autobahn gallery from October 30.

Alex Trochut