Home Park by TRIAD

Home Park by TRIAD

Harbin's gourmets and chefs alike have a new top destination in order to quench their thirst for high-quality food. Located in Harbin's Qunli district's brand new grand shopping mall Harbin, the "Home Park" sets new standards in design and shopping experience.

TRIAD China designed a vivid space that invites the customer to discover a wide variety of healthy high-quality products on more than 7200 sq. m. by guiding through an elaborate room-to-room concept - a journey into a European styled design world. Each area of the store features its own distinct design: the customer enters through "The Barn," where premium fruits and vegetables in lush colours are displayed. In "The Butcher" one can find high-quality imported meat on copper styled working stations, while "The Fish Market" leads the gourmet into a dock's universe. "The Warehouse" with its industrial environment finally is, where drinks and snacks are embedded in an atmospheric setting. Further highlights include the incredibly well-assorted wine collection in the ambient "La Cave" and the fine pastries of in the "Let's Bake" bakery.

Photography: Tim Franco


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