Jigsaw Westfield London by Checkland Kindleysides

Jigsaw Westfield London by Checkland Kindleysides

Jigsaw commissioned Checkland Kindleysides to create a new concept for their Westfield, White City, their first mall based store in London. Just as Jigsaw opened their first store in 1972 'to sell stylish clothes in inspiring surroundings' the store at Westfield, London has been designed with this in mind.

"The concept for the structure initially came from a series of pencil sketches, as an instinctive spatial response to the site. We looked at attributes of the space to create a unique singular architectural statement, which would provide a backdrop and experience that would resonate with the brand and customer," stated Joe Evans, Creative Director, Checkland Kindleysides.

The space itself features an 8m high store fascia - a dramatic blank canvas to create something really exciting. In the interior the ceiling height drops by half, which, in addition to the structural columns drives the shape of the interior to be more asymmetrical; a space that we could curate in the truest sense of the word, to create a landmark statement at Westfield.

The signage for the store is created from individual illuminated letters suspended on a chrome trapeze, which hangs like a piece of jewellery behind the glazed fa├žade. Behind the window display, selections of accessories are presented against the slatted timber wall. The customer's eye is then drawn to the centre of the store and the main clothing collection presented on simple raw, blackened steel fixtures. Above, clusters of lights hang at different heights, like stamens in a flower head. A soft light also filters through the laths creating depth and a sense of light and shade.

Halfway down the store, the copper fronted cash desk is set against and deconstructed picture wall of brand imagery and curated moments partially eclipsed by the arc of the laths.

A large lightbox with seasonal imagery of the 'Jigsaw' woman can be seen from the entrance; creating a destination point at the back of the store, it creates a break in the space which provides a degree of privacy and a sense of another room beyond the divide. This is where further accessories and Jigsaw's footwear collection is display as well as a relaxed seating area which also facilitates the contrasting stark white, modernistic fitting rooms alongside, standing out against the natural crafted timber structure in which they are nestled.

"Overall it's the simplicity and warmth of the design. It's a definitive statement," said Joe Evans, Creative Director, Checkland Kindleysides. "The boldness yet delicacy of the arch and tunnel is a truly exciting demonstration of design and engineering. A unique modern expression of the brand, a spirited design that creates a landmark store, not only for the brand, but also for Westfield, London."

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