Humanscale and Tome Introduce OfficeIQ

Humanscale and Tome Introduce OfficeIQ

Humanscale has today unveiled OfficeIQ, a revolutionary system developed in collaboration with Detroit-based Tome Software. A connected workspace software solution, it incorporates intelligence into height adjustable workstations to help companies monitor product utilization and enable users to make healthy choices throughout the day.

"OfficeIQ is in line with our focus on solutions that are inherently simple and easy to use, yet have a real impact on wellness in the workplace," commented Robert King, Humanscale Founder and CEO. "It will help to ensure that sit/stand equipment users gain the full benefits of their ergonomic workstations. No one is talking about utilization but this is critical data for the evolving office environment. It can generate energy and cost savings and help employers see real returns on their investments in developing healthier and happier places to work."

Using occupancy and height sensor technology from a lightweight, portable box positioned on or under the work surface, OfficeIQ provides sit/stand ROI data, calculates caloric expenditure, and gives opt-in users real time feedback on their activity at workstations. Like a wearable, it gamifies the experience. Individuals can receive activity scores and alerts with smart sit/stand reminders, while companies can set up teams to create a friendly competition between departments. Its "Don't be Creepy" policy protects the individual's privacy. In turn, employers receive aggregated data, which enables the company to track occupancy and utilization rates.

download: Humanscale OfficeIQ.pdf (426k)