Humanscale Unveils QuickStand Eco

Humanscale Unveils QuickStand Eco

Humanscale has unveiled the next generation in portable sit/stand products - QuickStand Eco. This new height-adjustable solution utilizes minimal parts and pieces, limiting it's environmental footprint and maintaining a minimal, clean aesthetic.

QuickStand Eco features simple setup and is easy to transport, making it a flexible option for both corporate and home offices. The effortless and instant height adjustability encourages users to sit and stand more often and the product can also be integrated with Humanscale's innovative OfficeIQ software, which sends periodic alerts when it is time to adjust one's position.

Starting at $399, QuickStand Eco is the most accessible sit/stand model from Humanscale yet; making it an affordable wellness solution that will blend into any work environment, improve employee performance and help to develop a more active workspace.


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