Typographics 2016 - A Design Festival for People Who Use Type

Typographics 2016: A Design Festival for People Who Use Type

Typographics, a typography conference organized by Cooper's Type@Cooper, returns for a second year to The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City.

To be held June 17-18, the 2016 event will offer the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in typeface design, publication and book design, branding and packaging, corporate identity, advertising and motion graphics. On the digital side, Typographics will focus on new frontiers in app and responsive web design. Discussions will also consider how design history impacts design's future.

Two weeks of intensive workshops offering practical design instruction taught by professional typeface designers will bookend the conference. Workshops will cover topics as varied as Python programming and making emojis to more traditional techniques such as hand lettering and sign painting.

A highlight of Typographics' related programming is TypeLab, a hackathon for typographers, typeface designers and graphic designers. Originally conceived in 1993 by Petr van Blokland and David Berlow, TypeLab offers an informal technology-focused opportunity for conference attendees to experiment and build new tools for use in their design work.

more: 2016.typographics.com (410)