FLEX/design Wins Editor's Choice at The Dieline Awards 2016

FLEX/design Wins Editor's Choice at The Dieline Awards 2016

FLEX/design's packaging design for Ultimaker 2 GO has been awarded Editor's Choice at the 2016 Dieline Awards.

The Ultimaker 'mighty mini 3D-printer' is made for 3D print-jobs on the go. FLEX/design's packaging solution makes it quite easy to carry this printer around and have it ready for the next printing job in just minutes. The design team's 'add-on' concept ensures a unique packaging: it enables users to personalize their case with their own 3D printed parts, which beautifully complements Ultimaker's open source business model.

The core of the solution is an elegant, grey EPP box. The high-quality foam and the brown cardboard box shield and protect the printer during transport from factory to user. After unboxing, the packaging doubles as a lightweight, shock resistant carry-case, held together by durable nylon straps for lifting and transport. This solution allowed designers to get rid of the cheap, flaky and unsustainable foam inserts, which you see so often in these kinds of packaging designs and which would not at all be suitable for this double function.

Once at its destination the printer is ready to use in no time: unlace the strap, lift off the upper part of the packaging and you are immediately face to face with this mighty mini printer. The case holds the printer without the need to separately remove the filament spool. You just take the printer out, plug and play. The carry-case even has built-in compartment for other 3D print necessities like tape, glue and basic spare parts.

There's more: small cavities in the packaging allow users to clip on their own 3D-printed parts. They can simply be clicked in the little holes at the corners of the case. These add- ons can be functional, such as wheels, handles and cup holders or just for mere fun, making the case personal.


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