Liminal - An Adaptable Lighting Unit by CNVS

Liminal: An Adaptable Lighting Unit by CNVS

Created by Busra Tunc for CNVS, Liminal is an adaptable lighting unit that can cater for multiple usage scenarios by transforming itself via its kinetic joints and adjustable lighting modules.

Liminal offers more than 10 scenarios via its rotatable joints, serving as a desk lamp, wall sconce or a ceiling pendant. With it's foldable body, Liminal can be easily packaged, without taking up much space.

Diffuse LED lights are placed on two surfaces, with multiple switch outputs. It's features include dimming, color temperature shifting and removable battery to extend usage.

Liminal is made of solid, high-caliber aluminum blocks that are first CNC-milled and then refined with traditional manufacturing methods such as metal lathe. The design includes custom designed, patent-pending, 270 degree rotatable stainless steel joints.

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