Matteo Thun and Partners Designs the First NIVEA Shop

Matteo Thun & Partners Designs the First NIVEA Shop

Matteo Thun & Partners has designed the first NIVEA shop. The project has been developed in a close dialogue with the international NIVEA team. Starting point for the interior design of the new store was the iconic power of the NIVEA logo that represents the values and heritage of the brand: purity, simplicity, care and trust.

The world of blue, blue and white, the iconic shape of the logo and different kind of wood define the contemporary and timeless store design. By using walnut wood for the flooring and oak wood for the shelve system, the architects created a welcoming atmosphere and take up another core value of NIVEA: the human touch. Thanks to the mix of neutral toned backgrounds and natural surfaces the product becomes the center point.

"A concept that fully reflects the soul of this iconic brand," Matteo Thun stated. "The store is just the stage for the products - the product is the hero!"

Modular shelving units offer flexible display possibilities, closed units make additional storage easily accessible. Versatile wooden furniture elements enrich the store's merchandising zones or invite the customers to relax. An integrated easily adjustable spot light system helps highlighting frequently changing areas.

The store interiors forego featuring any advertising instruments, but show lifestyle images reflecting NIVEAs brand values and convey the spirit of the location.

Photography: Thomas Pagani

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