Bar Campari Vienna by Matteo Thun and Partners

Bar Campari Vienna by Matteo Thun & Partners

Matteo Thun & Partners recently completed the Viennese Bar Campari. Inspired by the dynamic and lively flair of Italian cafés, by the futuristic graphics that artist Fortunato Depero has designed for Campari since the 1920s, Bar Campari reflects his art and the colors of the Italian brand: red, black and white.

The spacious outdoor area invites you to taste a Campari soda instantly. Inside the two-story bar, elongated mirrors and decorative light structures immerse the rooms in indirect & pleasant light. Poly-wood parquet floors, wood-paneled bar-counters with brass details and a lively mix of loose furniture create an upbeat and vibrant mood.

In front of a mosaic wall with a Depero motif, an integrated shop offers a piece of Italian bar culture. The 'Akademie' on the first floor serves as a discrete location for special events. It opens into the 'bridge,' which already catches the eye from the sidewalk and floats above the gallery (Tuchlaubenhof).

Photos: ©Bar Campari

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