Trollbäck and Company Creates 2016 Next Awards Show Opener

Trollbäck + Company Creates 2016 Next Awards Show Opener

Trollbäck + Company (T+Co) created the 2016 AICP Next Awards Show opener. The animated opener took audiences on an electrifying journey through a graphically and sonically stylized 3D world.

"Send + Receive" is a conceptual visualization of communication and emotion in today's digital world. A signal goes out, traveling through various channels before dovetailing into dynamic patterns and shapes that form an entire world within the AICP logo reveal.

T+Co also created stage assets for the awards ceremony, such as a physical lower thirds-style platform comprised of 20 LED monitors, which was conceived to complement and interact with the main screen.

"Jakob [Trollbäck] and Brian [Bowman]

and the entire Trollbäck team have consistently raised the bar on the graphics for the Next Awards since their inception 10 years ago," AICP President and CEO Matt Miller said. "We are thrilled to partner with them once again on a treatment that really reflects the forward-facing nature of the Next Awards."


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