Tinker Imagineers Completes Nestlé's Open House in Switzerland

Tinker Imagineers Completes Nestlé's Open House in Switzerland

Nest is the new Nestle open house in Vevey, Lake Geneva designed by Tinker Imagineers. The Swiss Concept-Consult Architectes renovated the industrial heritage site and covered it with a magnificent glass roof and steel construction. Underneath, Tinker designed a large, floating, organic world made up of white, flowing forms.

The big idea behind nest was simply to become more transparent and engage in an honest and involved dialogue about what the company stands for. Nest offers visitors an interactive and personal look behind the scenes.

An eye-catching feature in Piazza, the central atrium, is a life-size tree composed of more than 1200 flowers handmade from various product packages. Fondations brings visitors back to when the company was established in the 19th century in an authentic, timed attraction. The innovation here lies in the use of early cinema techniques developed during the same industrial age. By combining shadow plays, magic lanterns, ombres Chinoise and more, illusion becomes reality.

Zeitgeist is devoted to 150 years of history and links Nestlé's products, images and stories to iconic moments in world history. The space occupies two storeys and is almost a museum in itself. Inside there is a magical treasure room with a selection of very special objects, such as the prototype for the first Nespresso machine.

The present-day Forum uses interactive ways to make visitors conscious of the social challenges in nutrition and health and appeals to collective responsibility. The actions of all of the visitors influence a surprising light installation at the heart of the room.

Visions is the grand finale of nest. It consists of a spectacular world under the glass roof and symbolises the future. Visitors experience the passion of scientists and their creative innovations through games and a VR experience. Children have their own discovery journey that leads them through nest.

Photography: Mike Bink & Tinker Imagineers

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