Urban Heroes - Defining a New Fitness Experience

Urban Heroes: Defining a New Fitness Experience

In 2015, Graft Brandlab was approached by two ambitious founders, Jo Braun and Daniel Kanak. Their vision: A fitness studio that caters to the needs of professional millenials and that challenges the conventions of traditional gyms. In order to get their business off the ground, Graft Brandlab developed a distinct brand positioning and designed the brand's identity hand in hand with a signature interior design.

The brand identity gravitates around the bold and memorable "H" - a symbol of recognition and identification for Urban Heroes members. Vibrant imagery inspires and motivates.

The interior design features a dark, club-infused atmosphere that contrasts rough materials with luxurious details. A signature light concept with blue and red light accents heightens the workout experience.

The result is an instantly recognizable brand experience that appeals to the core target group. The first studio opened in July in Hamburg/Germany.

GRAFT Brandlab

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