krow Creates New Campaign for Natural History Museum's Summer Exhibition

krow Creates New Campaign for Natural History Museum's Summer Exhibition

krow has created a striking new outdoor, press and digital marketing campaign for the Natural History Museum's brand new major summer exhibition, 'Colour and Vision.' This highly visual campaign represents the 'big bang' of color and vision that evolved thousands of years ago. The key visual represents a chromatic explosion made up of a huge array of colourful specimens (many of which are featured in the exhibition) arranged in the shape of an eye to create a striking image and a clear visual representation of the exhibition content.

"By arranging the specimens in a way that brings a sense of explosion and dynamism we show the diversity, beauty and drama of the evolution of colour and create a visual with huge amounts of detail that is a pleasure to explore," explained Georg Thesmann, Creative Director.

krow also designed the 'eye catching' exhibition entrance area to excite and entice those already at the museum to visit the exhibition and ensure the visitor experience actually starts before entering the exhibition space. The creative has also been adapted across a wide range of exhibition merchandise including a jigsaw puzzle, fridge magnet and complimentary book.

The exhibition takes a 565 million year journey through the eyes of nature with hundreds of rarely displayed specimens, immersive art and digital imaging, giving insight into why humans and other animals perceive the world differently, and how color-shifters and stealth experts deploy color to survive.