Design Council Spark Showcase

Design Council Spark Showcase

Design Council will showcase more than a dozen of its Spark program's pioneering products at an event to be held on September 20 as part of the 2016 London Design Festival.

"Spark is a fantastic example of how design-led thinking can turn a good idea into a brilliant product," commented Terry Tyrrell, Design Council's recently appointed Chair and Founder of the world-leading agency Brand Union. "It's very exciting to see such a diverse range of innovations develop and head towards market, and this event is an important celebration of our finalists' hard work."

Showcasing more than a dozen inventive product ideas - ranging from a medical device to treat chronic nose bleeds, an automatic rocking device which fits to any baby's pram or crib, a lightweight camera rig for shooting Hollywood-style video effects on a fraction of the budget, and origami-inspired expanding plant pots - this is the second year that Design Council Spark has helped the UK's entrepreneurs of tomorrow take their product ideas to market.

The event celebrates the completion of this year's spring/summer 20-week support programme, provided by Design Council Spark's experts and mentors. As one of the UK's leading product innovation programmes, Spark boasts an illustrious panel of more than 60 specialists, providing top-level experience in branding, IP, business planning, product design, manufacturing, and sales and commercialisation.

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