Micha Weidmann Studio Revamps Dezeen Website

Micha Weidmann Studio Revamps Dezeen Website

Micha Weidmann recently redesigned the identity and online appearance of architecture and design magazine Dezeen. This identity transformation provides a new look that enables users to gain easy access to heavy content, whilst retaining Dezeen's 10 year-long simple and clean aesthetic and smoothening the information gathering process for the reader.

Micha Weidmann first created Dezeen's logo and original layout in 2007, moving the magazine away from its basic WordPress template. In addition, he breathed new life into the platform using typographical tricks garnered from content heavy editorial HTML websites to create a distinctive, yet functional platform featuring bigger typography, bolder colours and a simple three-column structure.

The new site evolves from the original design to further adapt to today's online environment, yet embodying the brand values gained over the first decade. Whilst incorporating the original typographical approach into the core of the new design, the identity adapts to the unrelenting changes occurring in the media world - the massive growth of Social Media, the increasing use of mobile for news gathering etc. - alongside the growth of the Dezeen business from a purely architecture and design blog to a brand living across several channels and platforms.

"Over the past ten years, the curated layout structure and overall identity - including Dezeen's trademark logo - were consistently used by Dezeen to further its continuous growth to its current stature," Weidmann stated. "The new typography and structure will reinforce the enduring signature identity and help the brand's position as an architecture and design world authority."

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