Libratone Unveils Q Adapt On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Libratone Unveils Q Adapt On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Libratone has unveiled the Q Adapt On-Ear wireless headphones - the newest addition to its family of meticulously designed acoustic lifestyle products. Featuring the new, exclusive CityMix technology, with four adjustable noise cancellation levels, the Q Adapt gives users complete control over how much external noise they choose to let in, delivered in a lightweight, ergonomic design, with a more stylish, comfortable fit and great sound.

"Fitting into our users' flexible lifestyle has always been a top priority at Libratone, from the portability of indoor/outdoor speakers to the multiple levels of noise cancellation in our newest headphones," commented Libratone CEO Jan McNair. "The Q Adapt On-Ear wireless headphones are the latest in Libratone's portfolio of advanced acoustic lifestyle products, giving users the signature Libratone sound in a distinctive design that looks great everywhere, from the catwalk to the sidewalk."

Q Adapt On-Ear has an easy-to-use touch interface of CityMix, which enables playback, no matter the scenario. With four built-in microphones, the headphones have full phone connectivity capabilities, so tapping the touch interface with two or more fingers answers or ends a call. The Q Adapt also features Libratone's signature Hush function, which silences the audio in the headphones with a wave of the hand over the ear cups, eliminating the need to take off the headphones to hear anything external. Q Adapt On-Ear is also equipped with proximity sensors that shut down the audio and the adjustable noise cancellation when the user removes the headphones. The Q Adapt On-Ear features Bluetooth + 1 wireless, so two users can share music, check out a podcast, or follow a ball game - all from a single device.

"During our research, we learned that users love the immersive sound of on-ear headphones, but that they also wanted the option of hearing the outside world without having to remove the device," explained Libratone President Mike Culver. "We designed both the Q Adapt On-Ear headphones, and the recently released Q Adapt In-Ear earbuds, to liberate on-the-go listeners from having to constantly take off either product when their environment changed. Libratone's adjustable noise cancellation specifically addresses this need - and let's you clearly hear the person next to you when they're complimenting you on your headphones."

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