Swift Creatives Designs New Headphones for Libratone

Swift Creatives Designs New Headphones for Libratone

Swift Creatives has designed two new headphones for Libratone, specifically created to complement the Google Pixel 2. The headphones are the second generation of Q Adapt models and combine high sound quality with a unique, award-winning adjustable noise cancellation feature: CityMix.

"This is the second set of headphones we've designed for Libratone, and the second set they've ever released," commented Kristian Krøyer, Co-CEO and Founder of Swift Creatives. "Right from the beginning it was crucial that we brought the classic Libratone style and DNA to life. For example, for the On-Ear model the primary interface is only on the right-hand side of the design, creating an asymmetric balance and attention in-line with the brand's design DNA."

Custom made for the Google Pixel 2, the On-Ear model features a light-weight design that includes an easy-to-use touch interface which allows users to control volume, playback and phone calls along with a hush-function. Offering 20 hours of battery life, this model is equipped with a wear detection sensor that stops the music and noise cancellation once the owner takes them off. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth + 1 wireless daisy changing functionally allows two users to share music from once device.

The In-Ear USB-C model features improved ergonomic sweat proof ear buds for optimal sealing, increasing the noise cancellation quality. The remote control on the cable has been designed with an anodized aluminum front for a more premium expression. This model also has music playback control and noise cancellation for taking phone calls.

"We wanted to design something that reflected our strong design ethos whilst feeling and sounding great," added Kristian Krøyer from Swift Creatives. "The feedback we've got so far has been ace and it's amazing to see people using them when I'm out in the street or travelling somewhere. This is what matters most to us at Swift Creatives, seeing the product executed from the ground up."

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