Cubetto - The Wooden Robot That Teaches Kids to Code

Cubetto: The Wooden Robot That Teaches Kids to Code

Cubetto, a playful wooden robot that teaches STEM skills to children during preliterate years, is now available for purchase worldwide. Created by Primo Toys, Cubetto is the only screen-less programming system, powered by a revolutionary coding language made of colorful blocks that lets children write their first computer programs.

The Cubetto Playset consists of a friendly wooden robot named Cubetto, a physical programming console, a set of expandable coding blocks, a collection of beautifully illustrated maps and an activity book. By placing the blocks in different patterns on the control panel, children create sequences of instructions that program the robot's movement. In the process, they develop computational thinking skills that help them understand the basic principles of coding.

"Learning in early years should be easy and fun," commented CEO and Co-Founder Filippo Yacob. "The beauty of Cubetto is that it encourages coding through hands-on play - making learning much more enjoyable while also developing logical thinking, sequencing and coding skills."

Cubetto provides gender-neutral play that boosts a child's creativity, critical thinking, spatial awareness and communication skills. Cubetto is the only coding toy that can be used by sighted and non-sighted children in the same setting, creating an equal learning environment that promotes inclusive play. By combining movement, touch and sound, Cubetto also helps children with disabilities strengthen their sequencing and communication skills.

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