Across the Dotted Line by Joel Derksen

Across the Dotted Line by Joel Derksen

Joel Derksen has created a massive graphic installation at DigitasLBi in London, "Across the Dotted Line." The installation is part of the monthly exhibition series curated by Elisa de Martini.

Inspired by motifs, intensity, and the grit of East London, Across the Dotted Line was assembled over a hurried weekend. Standing at 3 meters high, and 22 meters long, pieces of the exhibit were torn out of paper and assembled on-site while being installed.

This installation has been specifically created to fit and play within the DigitasLBi space. It is a graphic expression of expanding limits, pushing against your own sensibilities and finding a new sense of freedom in the unknown.

Joel Derksen

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