Bloom Miami Creates Shiseido's First US Retail Activation at LAX

Bloom Miami Creates Shiseido's First US Retail Activation at LAX

Bloom Miami created and installed Shiseido's first U.S. Activation at LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal. The installation showcased the brand's latest lipstick formula Rouge Rouge, which consists of 16 shades centering around the color red.

In an effort to increase consumer interaction, part of the activation's design included four 55-inch LED screens, which displayed the products as lively patterns that changed according to the movements of the people standing in front of it. Travelers were also able to receive recommendations to help them find their perfect red lip and create digital portraits using the installation's 'Find Your Rouge Rouge' iPad application to share on their social media pages.

"Disruption has become the new buzzword in Travel Retail marketing and what better way to disrupt and engage than to activate at the bottleneck of main entrance leading to the TBIT international gates," said Darin Held, partner at Bloom Miami.

"Also, the brands can now sell from the activation platform in addition to sampling - this is a new and exciting proposition for our clients. Not only are they getting incredible brand exposure, but also a direct and measurable return on investment. Airport retail is becoming more premium and experiential over the past few years. Our clients are not only looking for innovative ways to attract customers but to also cultivate brand loyalists."

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