Emtype Releases Geogrotesque Slab

Emtype Releases Geogrotesque Slab

Emtype has released Geogrotesque Slab, the ideal companion of the popular Geogrotesque.

The aim of the first Geogrotesque was to find a balance between geometry and user-friendliness, a typeface that was pure and regular without becoming bland or mechanical; tech with human touch. The Slab version conveys the same but in a subtle different way. The new font remains clean and high-tech with a human touch yet provides a new security, confidence and firmness thanks to the serifs.

This new addition, combined with Geogrotesque, Geogrotesque Stencil and Geogrotesque Condensed Series, provides even more design options. The type family consist of 14 styles 7 weights (Thin, UltraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold and Bold) plus italics. It is available for desktop and WebFont and includes ligatures, tabular figures, fractions, numerators, denominators, superiors and inferiors with support for Central and Eastern European languages.

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