Canada's Most Iconic Airport Takes Flight

Canada's Most Iconic Airport Takes Flight

The Calgary International Airport's (YYC) new international terminal is officially open, moving all U.S. and global flight operations to the new terminal facility. While the $2 billion project doubles the space at the airport now at two million square feet, it was designed to maximize efficiency while reducing footprint.

Through careful planning, YYC was built to be highly sustainable - at almost net zero - without increasing size or budget. This is an unusual outcome for large-scale buildings of this calibre, which makes YYC the first "deeply green" airport in Canada with LEED Gold targeted status. It is the largest geothermal field in Western Canada with annual energy consumption to be reduced by 83% and greenhouse gases by 55%.

The master plan was designed by DIALOG, a Canadian design firm of architects and engineers across Canada. Some of YYC's aspirations were to become a global connector for the world, to be LEED designated and sustainable, and to showcase the iconic Rocky Mountain landscape views. To achieve this, two major themes were paramount in the design strategy: intrinsic sustainability and regional connectivity.

Photography: David S. Troyer