Zazz Boutique by Hatem+D

Zazz Boutique by Hatem+D

Hatem+D created the entire concept for the first Boutique Zazz located in Quebec City. The Hatem+D team created the new concept, branding and web presence.

"Zazz was a project in which we could dare to have fun, both in the concept and its substance. It's uncommon to work on a project with a strong identity like this one," commented Chloé Barabé. "All designs and architectural decisions yield to an inspiring and feminine environment. For Zazz, we wanted an euphoric, girly and sparkling atmosphere."

Every element was custom built, from furniture to Zazz's lighting and other unique signage for the boutique. The ceiling height was used to purify the space. Suspended and backlighted furnitures, displays that reach the ceiling, a creative ceiling finish, and many mirrors have been used in order to create a volume effect.

Because of ingenious lighting, an impression of effervescence is perceptible throughout the store. From the outside, the shinning and glamorous design of the mirror arch and the full-height window boutique invites the customer in.

Photography: Maxyme Gagné