Crayola and Qoros Win 2016 Design and Developer Challenge

Crayola and Qoros Win 2016 Design & Developer Challenge

Crayola and Qoros have won the 2016 AutoMobility LA Design & Developer Challenge with their autonomous vehicle concept "QC World." The design won both the Industry Pick and the People's Pick awards.

The QC World concept imagines a vehicle where families can truly enjoy journey time together in a future where machines and computers have assumed standard tasks and artistic ability. The vehicle is an authentic Qoros model, but re-imagined for the year 2050; it has a simple bathtub interior with a pixelated, adjustable surface allowing it to be configured in multiple ways, for a variety of family outings. The occupants sit around the vehicle haptic air hologram interface in the center of the "tub" making the user interface easily accessible, encouraging a fun and engaging experience.

This model is based on two past Qoros concepts - the SRS 2013 and the QQQ 2014. For the 2016 challenge, Qoros continued to develop its Qoros Qloud experience in conjunction with Crayola. The Qoros Crayola App incorporated stencil art into the passenger's journey and blended them into a mixed reality environment. In the team's concept video, viewers can see how 2D colored stencil drawings are transformed into 3D holograms that then appear in the central interface and the world outside.