Adobe Showcases Sensei Technology Innovations

Adobe Showcases Sensei Technology Innovations

Adobe Research has released three videos this week showcasing innovation, leveraging Adobe Sensei technology, that the team has cooking behind the scenes.

Interactive Agent for Photo Editing

Adobe Research team is exploring what an intelligent digital assistant for photo editing might look like, with a speech recognition system able to accept natural user voice instructions.

Interactive Sculpting

This video showcases what Photoshop would be like with 3D canvas instead of 2D.

A New Spin on Face Painting

Adobe Research is bringing face painting to the digital world via a new application that lets the user paint on a single image of a person. Within this application, you can easily rotate the faces in the image to paint on non-frontal parts while the real-time paint simulation engine ensures the paint to naturally blends with the image in accordance with the input illumination.