UXUS Designs Kebaya - A New Pan-Asian Brasserie at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

UXUS Designs Kebaya: A New Pan-Asian Brasserie at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

UXUS has designed Kebaya, a new Pan-Asian brasserie, positioned as the highlight of the new Departure Lounge 2 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The Kebaya brand was created by UXUS in partnership with HMSHost, the world's largest provider of food and beverage for travellers. The brasserie offers international guests a contemporary interpretation of authentic Asian cuisines, taking them on a culinary adventure through Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Japan and China.

Inspired by the vibrant outdoor energy of contemporary Asian dining venues, Kebaya pairs a lively indoor-outdoor atmosphere with regional specialties that are freshly prepared in the open kitchen at the heart of the restaurant. The kitchen is animated with theatrical features from day to night, such as a roasted duck showcase, steam basket towers, exuberant spice displays and chinaware shelves that create exciting photo opportunities and entice the senses.

Guests have a variety of seating options to enjoy their meal, whether it is casual dining in the lounge and banquette areas; socializing at one of the communal tables; enjoying a cocktail at the bar; or choosing a fresh meal to go from the signature Rice Bar.

The name Kebaya takes inspiration from the traditional Southeast Asian dress made from layers of sheer and semi-transparent silk, that is worn in many countries in the region. Worn for social gatherings, celebrations and dinner receptions, the kebaya dress symbolizes elegant conviviality, hospitality and refined artistry of the region. This name was chosen to reflect the brasserie's holistic Pan-Asian identity and elevated hospitality that combines authentic regional traditions with new methods.

Both the brand identity and the interior design take inspiration from the kebaya dress using transparency, layering and cut-outs that are signature to the making of the dress. Southeast Asian motifs and languages are layered together, using stencil, paper-cut and printing techniques. The layering creates a "revealing" effect, amplifying the tropical indoor-outdoor ambiance of the restaurant. This effect is used in the screening elements within the d├ęcor and all branding collateral, such as menus, uniforms, cutlery and packaging. The feature kebaya wall celebrates the inspiration behind the name and creates an iconic backdrop for dining, with evocative portraits of regional variations of the dress that are covered with layers of silk in a signature purple accent of the brand.

Complementing the Pan-Asian identity, various regional influences come through in design details, furniture and materials. A copper and teak canopy inspired by regional architecture unites different seating areas and cuisine specialties to create one warm experience. Bamboo pendant lights, convivial table lanterns and outdoor-inspired seating with Southeast Asian details and regionally-inspired upholstery bring the taste of Asia into the iconic Dutch travel hub, while offering a contemporary and elevated hospitality experience.

Whether looking for a relaxing time in between flights, a taste of home during international travel or a fresh meal on the go, Kebaya redefines standard airport dining into an eclectic experience on par with the leading urban dining hotspots.