IdeaWork Studios Unveils Wellness-Focused Brand Identity for Carillon Miami

IdeaWork Studios Unveils Wellness-Focused Brand Identity for Carillon Miami

IdeaWork Studios has completed the comprehensive rebranding of Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, an extensive project which included naming, brand identity, logo design, and website design and development.

"To begin redeveloping the brand, we had to start by taking a fresh look at the property attributes, and the unique viewpoint they give to Carillon," commented Jay Schwartz, founder and Chief Creative Officer of IdeaWork. "In considering Carillon's ideal guests, their values, and what attracts them to the hotel, we identified wellness and balance as the fundamental structure from which all our identity work stems."

The new name, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort reflects this identity accordingly. Furthermore, when developing the logo, IdeaWork wanted to reference the 1958 landmarked logo on the building itself, yet elevate it to something more sophisticated and elegant. "Our approach is minimal and classic. The typography and design elements we've created reinforce this balance," Schwartz explained.

The website, designed and developed by IdeaWork, showcases the new brand identity with a natural aesthetic, while allowing a seamless user experience. The comprehensive branding includes a palette of patterns and colors, inspired by the sights on-property: sky and sea. Departing from Miami's brightly colored status quo, IdeaWork instead brings us back to nature, the natural surroundings, and the serenity of the natural elements. They developed a watercolor pattern, which ties into these elements, and is also versatile from a branding execution standpoint for use on packaging, collateral, soft goods, retail products, etc. The agency, renowned for their hospitality expertise, ensures that the brand experience from initial online visit to in-room stay is consistent, with thoughtful touches throughout.

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