Home Studios Launches Homework at Sight Unseen OFFSITE

Home Studios Launches Homework at Sight Unseen OFFSITE

Home Studios has today unveiled the debut collection of Homework, their furniture and lighting line, at Sight Unseen OFFSITE on view through May 22nd at 100 Avenue of the Americas.

Directed by Home Studio's co-founder Oliver Haslegrave, Homework embodies Haslegrave's belief in the importance of experimentation and his continual need for discovery. Above all, Homework at its core is about the process of learning, and creating a contemporary world where learning is a shared vision.

Born out of research and custom design for their interiors, Homework is an ongoing collection of an ever-changing alchemy and ideas, combined with the diversity and interaction of the writing, music and art that continually inform Haslegrave's distinct, conceptual approach to furniture and lighting.

"Homework is off-hours exploration and research, new materials and ideas. There's no defined idea about what it is, it's really about the process: practice, repetition, learning," Haslegrave commented. "Through our work on interiors, new dimensions open we want to explore: a color, proportion, texture, form. Homework is that process, of studying these possibilities, learning from them, and creating with them, like actual homework."

This collection's assembly explores the interaction of the varied materials marble, stainless and silver plated steel, hand blown glass, resin and leather, some of which Haslegrave used for the first time. "That's the vision of Homework - always learning. Creating a new moment so that it can last," Haslegrave added.

The 8 new pieces consist of: a dining table, shelf, triptych mirror, two pendants, sconce, vase and votive.

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