Alegre Design Unveils KLC Chair

Alegre Design Unveils KLC Chair

Alegre Design recently unveiled KLC, a multi-purpose and versatile chair created for the Italian brand OMP Group. "This design represents a new product philosophy in which, by means of an industrial process that has been optimised to the maximum, different chairs are produced from a single pattern," explained Marcelo Alegre, the designer together with Andrés Baldoví at Alegre Design studio. "As such, it is a product that we might come across in any day-to-day setting, thanks to its integration and simplicity, as the same chair could be used as a seat in schools, homes or restaurants. It is the components that change."

The KLC chair is available in a wide range of options and covers all types of sectors: with a central base for work or conversational environments; with a rod structure, a highly stackable chair concept designed for multi-purpose rooms; with a tube structure and legs, perfect for the home and the hospitality industry; with arms for public buildings or offices; or in its stool format for bars, festivals or educational establishments.

A specific model has also been created aimed at educational sector. This model features an integrated injection arm, double leather seat, swivel panel or wheels. It is designed to offer high performance in use and to be movable.

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