Alegre Designs Eurus Dental Workstation for Takara Belmont

Alegre Designs Eurus Dental Workstation for Takara Belmont

Alegre Design recently developed a new dental chair for the Japanese company Takara Belmont. Eurus seeks to respond to the new needs and functions of the medical apparatus used in dental clinics. The design of the chair is not only functional, it also harmonizes aesthetically with the natural evolution of dentistry.

Far from being limited to a mere medical discipline, dentistry today is more closely linked to aesthetics and related treatments and its practice requires a visual identity more closely linked to that language. The language of the advanced medical market has evolved into a design that is more round, translucid and white.

Soft curves and fluid lines define the design of Eurus, a two-year-long project. The intensive and constant collaboration with the Japanese production team has led to a product line that incorporates European vision and Japanese quality standards with the efficiency of the brand's medical and dental equipment. Eurus is able to create a well-being experience that improves the patient's as a very safe and comfortable dental workstation.

Eurus favors the optimum comfort of the patient and the active ergonomics of the work of the practitioner, measuring the curved forms and distances to the millimeter to minimize the expert movements of the doctor, thanks to a very efficient integration of the different parts. This product line incorporates the proven experience of Alegre Design in active ergonomics for the office, in the configuration of a dental chair which improves the working conditions of the practitioner, reducing fatigue and improving lighting and facilitating the hygiene and cleanliness of the space.

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