Yonder Rebrands Scramble

Yonder Rebrands Scramble

Yonder has rebranded and refurbished Scramble, the Soho-based sound design and post-production company. Briefed to refresh the look of Scramble, which has been rooted in the heart of Soho for 20+ years, the design team came up with an idea that played to one of the company's strengths: the extent to which the people, the streets, the textures and history of Soho make Scramble feel special.

The rebrand revolves around the creation of a Scramble 'mark' that takes the shape of a walking path the team plotted around the Soho streets surrounding the Scramble building. Without crossing over itself, the route's shape comprises five compartments to denote Scramble's five sound studios. The word mark was then applied as a texture to various surfaces and elements around the building to celebrate the Scramble brand.

Each sound studio has now been renamed - after a Soho street, and has its own mark, taken from the new company logo. A motion ident has also been created - inspired by the Scramble mark and the story of Soho's streets.


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