Accept and Proceed Creates Brand and Identity for Hansine

Accept & Proceed Creates Brand and Identity for Hansine

Accept & Proceed has created a new brand identity for Hansine, a new luxury fashion label launching this week in the UK. Heading into the summer season, the Hansine Beach collection is a contemporary reimagining of the holiday wardrobe: a care-free, modern-bohemian collection aimed at fashion-forward women.

"The Hansine brand has been born from a love of travel and a sophisticated eye for design and detail," commented Matthew Jones, Creative Director at Accept & Proceed. "It's all about freedom, luxury, discovery and a contemporary take on the romance of travel. With all this in mind, we took inspiration for the logo from stencilled monograms we saw on incredible vintage suitcases at a Louis Vuitton exhibition on the Strand. Just like the garments, the identity feels both timeless and contemporary."

Accept & Proceed collaborated closely with Hansine to create the tone of voice, visual language, digital and social presence, and art-directed a photo-shoot of the first collection inspired by iconic imagery of travel and fashion from the 60s and 70s.

They also captured Hansine's bespoke and premium level of service in the design of the company business cards, retail bags and labels. The focal point of these is an overlaying square device representing the founder's unique eye for bringing together eclectic sources of inspiration in her designs. This square motif can also be seen on the website, which is characterised by overlapping images like a collection of creative ideas and inspiration.

"My vision for Hansine was to create a modern, bohemian and luxurious collection imbued with my passions for travel, adventure, fashion and textiles," said Hansine Johnston, Founder of Hansine. "Accept & Proceed have taken all these elements and created a brand and identity that is contemporary, eclectic and inspired by the romance of travel, just like the garments themselves."

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