Lifescapes International Brings Touch of Las Vegas to South Korea

Lifescapes International Brings Touch of Las Vegas to South Korea

Lifescapes International has designed the landscape environment for Paradise City, a $1.1 billion, fully integrated entertainment and gaming resort complex totaling 83 acres in Incheon, South Korea.

"The trend in resort development is an increased focus on creating a one-of-a-kind guest experience through programmable spaces, water entertainment shows, and landscaped environments to attract guests and encourage repeat visits," commented Alvaro Amador, Project Designer. "At Paradise City, we took this concept to the next level by incorporating innovative landscaping to achieve the artistic energy and excitement of a fully immersive resort experience."

The firm infused vibrant landscaping throughout the main resort-style pool, complete with an outdoor bar and private cabanas for an exciting night-life setting, according to Amador. The firm also designed a large Las Vegas-style main entry, wedding gardens, private villas, and gardens that flow throughout the interior and exterior of the project.

"Based on our experience in designing 12 iconic resort casinos along the Las Vegas strip, we were selected to design the overall landscaped environment and deliver on the developers' concept for this project, which was to create the ultimate destination that would attract tourists year-round," explained Julie Brinkerhoff-Jacobs, President of Lifescapes International. "Our vision was to bring the vibrant energy of Las Vegas to Korea by integrating water features and immersive gardens, thereby heightening the dramatic element of the setting and cultivating an exceptional entertainment-driven experience."

Italian villa elements and Mediterranean motifs, in addition to 'hallyu' or Korean-pop culture, inspired the landscape design for this resort, which includes interior gardens and outdoor accent plantings with a spectrum of color and texture.

"Paradise City's unique value proposition is its artful convergence of different cultures, including those of the East and West," adds Brinkerhoff-Jacobs, who notes that Lifescapes harmonized these elements in the overall design of this project.

To achieve this balance, Lifescapes incorporated a variety of indigenous trees and plants native to South Korea, including Hornbeam Bonsai, Weeping Willow, Cherry Blossoms, Konara Oak Trees, Sawleaf Zelkova, and Loropetalum, among others.

"We understood that the project needed to highlight South Korea's rich cultural identity, while also attracting international business," added Brinkerhoff-Jacobs. "By integrating a diverse range of native plants, we were able to preserve the integrity of the cultural experience, while also bringing the excitement of Las Vegas in a way that would drive tourism and put South Korea on the map for future travel."

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