Green Room Creates Launch Campaign for ASICS JYUNI Collection

Green Room Creates Launch Campaign for ASICS JYUNI Collection

Green Room has created the launch campaign for ASICS's new limited premium, sports-fashion collection JYUNI. The new apparel range pushes the lifestyle aesthetic with functional materials, taking notes from their Japanese heritage.

Green Room was tasked to create a global campaign that celebrates the unique progressive design of the collection and its ethos, driving awareness, raising perception of ASICS apparel and increasing consideration to purchase. The cutting edge fabrics, style, craftsmanship and innovation from Japan inspired a minimalist, Zen-like aesthetic that conceived a theme around empowering the individual against the constraints of time.

Reflecting traditional Japanese craftsmanship techniques, a series of images were captured by Green Room to project the stillness and confidence of the range in a strikingly simple way. Details, proportions and premium materials were then used to develop the campaign touch points across the retail journey including online, content generation and in-store.

"The name JYUNI, a unique spelling of the number 'twelve,' represents the structure of time and restraints that come with it," stated Paul Silcox, Creative Director, Green Room Amsterdam. "This combined with the traditional minimalist aesthetics and concepts of simplicity of the ASICS Japanese heritage allowed us to create a bold, creative statement to capture the imagination of fashion hungry trendsetters that are part of a niche, forward-thinking urban group."

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