Green Room Designs Bose's Flagship Store on Regent Street

Green Room Designs Bose's Flagship Store on Regent Street

Green Room recently designed Bose's flagship store on Regent Street, London. The 120m2 space is fully immersive using state-of-the-art digital interactions and a mix of assisted and self-discovery zones that each provide a distinct, multi-sensory experience for each touchpoint through visual, audial and kinetic means.

The Bose Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System is brought to life via product podiums with built-in motion sensors. Visitors are not only able to hear, but also feel the impact of sound via audio and projected visuals combining to produce the component sounds of a thunderstorm. Each component from rain droplets, to the clap of thunder creates an element of surprise and places the customer at the heart of the 'sound-storm' through their own movement.

Using customer experience research, more emphasis was also built into how people looked in headphones, rather than purely how they performed. Utilising AR, on approaching the display, hidden proximity senses detect the person's movements and present subtle and bespoke content cues on a mirrored backdrop, increasing interaction and dwell. This is coupled with interactive touch screens offering instant access to a selection of playlists, or the ability to learn more about the product with simple swipe navigation.

Photos: Courtesy of Green Room

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