Green Room Upgrades 'Saints Store' for Southampton Football Club

Green Room Upgrades 'Saints Store' for Southampton Football Club

Green Room recently designed the new 'Saints Store' for Southampton Football Club. Located in the city's busiest retail district and with longer opening hours than the club's Stadium Store, it provides added convenience to fans and allows the club to reach a wider audience.

The store has been in place since 2000, but is now more vibrant than ever. Featuring the full range of Under Armour replica kits, as well as a complete shirt-printing facility and a wide variety of other club merchandise, it is an ideal destination for anyone with a love of the Saints.

An eye-catching store front is supported by full-height windows displaying the latest kits, with a digital screen positioned for displaying video content and imagery promoting the club's merchandise, while the angled front creates focus on the 'tunnel' entrance feature, evoking some of the emotion and thrill of walking into the stadium as fans enter the store.

Attracting passing visitors, the shirt-printing feature has been positioned at the front of the store in clear view of the windows, creating a focal hub that adds theatre to the space and encourages fans to make the 'must-have' purchase of a personalized club shirt. Once ordered, completed shirts are displayed on the back wall, awaiting collection by their proud new owners.

The store is easy to navigate, thanks to its open design with clear sightlines, allowing fans to see the entire offering at a glance. Bespoke centre-floor displays feature metal mesh and marine ply, designed to create a dressing room aesthetic. These fixtures can also be easily moved to create a flexible space for product launches and in-store events.

Using the club's colors to leverage fans' excitement of the matchday stadium, the vibrant sea of Southampton's red and white shirts is set against a contrasting black backdrop. Reflecting supporters' passion for their club, dynamic statement graphics add spirit to the space, all but chanting Southampton FC's powerful mottos and anthems from the store's walls.

Adding further energy to the space, a screen plays seasonal highlights from Southampton's matches, while behind the cash desk a 7m long graphic of the club's St Mary's stadium wraps around the walls providing a strong sense of place for the store's customers.

"The city centre location gave us the chance to create a spiritual home for Southampton's fans away from the stadium, which we have imbued with the unique character and essence of the club to provide a more in-depth customer experience," said Mike Roberts, Chief Creative Officer at Green Room. "We're excited to hear that early results show that the store is performing well and that fans love the store."

Photos: Courtesy of Green Room

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