C'est Beau Boutique by Obiekt

C'est Beau Boutique by Obiekt

Obiekt recently completed the design for a small local shop called C'est Beau in Montreal. Known for their online store for over 5 years, C'est Beau finally opened its doors on Mont-Royal Avenue. Its founders envisioned a space where all furniture was designed and manufactured in Quebec, in line with the company's philosophy.

As you approach the address, you quickly notice the pine tree logo cut out of a long cream-colored sign, which also contains the brand's name in its original handwritten font. The store's interior glows through its entirely glazed façade, with its immaculate white walls and contrasting rough concrete floor and structural beam. Inside, customers can find a meticulously curated selection of products all made by local artisans.

The shop's layout was designed according to the various categories offered: a spacious table at the center of the room for kitchen items, a series of frosted shelves for care products, a variety of arch-shaped mirrors for jewellery, a living room area with a velvet couch and long shelves for books and magazines as well as a few round shelves at the entrance displaying the selected featured items.

Photography: Jack Jerome


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