Dripkit - Pocket Sized Coffee for Work and Travel

Dripkit: Pocket Sized Coffee for Work & Travel

Dripkit has launched a small flexible brewer, filled with single-origin coffee so consumers can enjoy single-cup, pour-over at work, while traveling and on-the-go. It comes in a small, portable flat pack, and lasts fresh for 60 days.

"The idea for Dripkit came when I found myself looking for a good coffee solutions for work," commented Kara Cohen, Co-founder & CEO. "Even at advertising agencies in NYC, the coffee can questionable. And when you work late or have back-to-back meetings - going to a coffee shop isn't always an option. I felt like there had to be a solution."

Cohen discussed the idea with her long-time friend Ilana Kruger and together they created Dripkit. The team spent over two years developing and refining Dripkit - building and testing over 500 prototypes with design studio Prime. Dripkit's final design is a perfect mix of form and function - a pre-packed brewer that comes flat but expands to fit onto any cup. It is an innovative, portable pour-over solution.

"The way you drink your coffee is extremely personal, it's more of a ritual than a routine," Kruger said. "When designing Dripkit, we wanted to capture the romance of making pour over so that each person could maintain their own special ritual anywhere."

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