Trollbäck+Company's Main-On-End Titles Draw the Final Curtain on 2018 Motion 'Un-Conference'

Trollbäck+Company's Main-On-End Titles Draw the Final Curtain on 2018 Motion 'Un-Conference'

Trollbäck+Company created the "main-on-end" titles for Motion 2018, which took place June 5th-8th in Santa Fe, NM. The piece screened at the conclusion of the event, commemorating the end of an era, as 2018 marks the final year of the motion "un-conference."

Trollbäck+Company, led by Executive Creative Director Elliott Chaffer and Designer/Animator Pat King, teamed up with in-camera FX master and longtime collaborator Christopher Webb of FX WRX to create the titles. The sequence features hand-crafted and laser-cut letterforms made from MDF, card, and plywood. The team explored these shapes with abstract in-camera effects, experimenting with elements of lighting, motion graphics, shadow play and projections. In addition, Trollbäck+Company Chief Creative Officer Alex Moulton composed original music for the piece.

"Trollbäck+Company has been a longtime supporter of motion; but this year, they have gone above and beyond," commented Montoya and Padilla. "The main-on-end project was beyond our wildest imagination. We are truly grateful!"

"Ultimately, the final film we created is a gift to the entire motion community who has inspired our team and many others through the years," added Chaffer. "As big advocates of in-camera visual effects, creating this film was also a welcome opportunity for our team to demonstrate the potential such a process offers, as our peers and clients alike aim to create visual content and experiences with a look that they can truly own."


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