Our Design Agency 'Colour My World' with Brighton Gin's Pride Limited Edition

Our Design Agency 'Colour My World' with Brighton Gin's Pride Limited Edition

Our Design Agency (ODA) has created a bold design and strategy for Brighton Gin's latest Pride Limited Edition, inspired by this year's Brighton Pride theme - Colour My World. The design features the eight colors from the original Pride flag commissioned by politician and activist Harvey Milk and devised by artist Gilbert Baker in San Francisco in 1978 as the festival returns to the historic flag this year.

ODA illustrated Brighton Gin's hand-crafted credentials with hand-painted lettering. "We wanted to create a range where people could have fun by rearranging the letters or create their own gin collection," explained Panna Rose, Managing Director, ODA. "It reflects the spirit of Brighton and Brighton Gin. It's a true celebration of diversity and the individual."

"The design oozes confidence," added Sarah Westwood, Creative Strategist, ODA. "We wanted to go big on Pride as part of Brighton Gin's brand personality and therefore we celebrated the rainbow in a way that would create real excitement in Brighton, particularly as a display as the city's residents and retailers decorate their windows for Pride and gear up for one the biggest celebrations of the year."

Collectively the labels spell out Brighton (or other words depending on how they are arranged) and with eight letters in Brighton and eight colors in the flag, it was the perfect fit. The range of eight unique bottles bear the individual flag colors which stand for sexuality, life, healing, sunlight, nature, art/magic, harmony and spirit.

A storytelling link to each color features on the label and illustrates how these qualities link to life in Brighton in a way which works across social media channels.

Each label bears a letter from the word Brighton, hand-painted in the famous Brighton Seafront Blue on top of the flag colour. The design reflects the brand proposition 'Brighton Your Life,' a call to action to be more Brighton and enjoy a laid-back craft gin.

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