Voice Launches Timeless and Innovative Furniture Collection

Voice Launches Timeless and Innovative Furniture Collection

Voice recently launched a brand-new range of functional and attractive furniture designed by Nina Jobs, the design duo Cate & Nelson, and Mattias Stenberg. The inspiration for this year's collection was drawn from the fashion industry's concept of 'essentials,' described as basic items, or in Voice's case, furniture that is pared down in form, yet elegant and timeless, with plenty of focus on materials and craftsmanship.


Aino, designed by Mattias Stenberg, is a versatile, easy-to-move storage basket crafted in ash, a type of wood often used in classic Scandinavian design - not least by designers like Alvar Aalto and Bruno Mathsson. Aino's metal elements are lacquered in sand or black, with matching silicone feet placed under the basket, making the baskets easy to stack and combine.

Chamfer Sideboard

Chamfer Sideboard, designed by Mattias Stenberg, is an open, versatile storage unit, perfect as a standalone object or stacked together, creating a modern shelf or room divider. Chamfer Sideboard is presented in two lengths and materials, American ash and lacquered MDF.

Chamfer Cabinet

Designed by Mattias Stenberg, Chamfer Cabinet is a functional, stylish cabinet, with bevelled edges around the doors and furniture legs. Chamfer Cabinet, offered in 15 different sizes, is available in natural or pigmented American ash veneer or lacquered MDF in white or sand. Models in the collection with doors have a push-to-open function, while the largest cabinets come with sliding doors. The lower height cabinets are also available in wall mounted options or can be fitted with bracket legs.


A timeless piece of furniture, with roots in design history, Norm is also future-forward and highly relevant today. That was the aim with Norm - a well-dimensioned piece of furniture that can be used as a daybed or a sofa, with a base of American ash and lacquered metal legs. When needed, the loose backrests make it easy to transform Norm from daybed to sofa. Choose between cushions and upholstery in textile, leather or nubuck. Norm is designed by Mattias Stenberg.


A modern stool designed by Mattias Stenberg, Bowie is crafted with a structural ease that gives it a strong character and comes with three different frame options: black lacquer, smooth sand lacquer or blasted stainless steel. Choose between upholstery in textile, leather or nubuck.


Tre is a stand-alone, open shelf unit designed by Nina Jobs. Designed in American natural ash or pigmented black-blue ash, with shelves in varnished metal, Tre creates a sense of stability while giving an impression of ease. Tre is launched in four heights, and can be used individually or combined together with help of connecting fittings.


Levier is an innovative, elegant, wall-mounted shelving system in American ash designed by the design duo Cate & Nelson. With hidden consoles, Levier creates the feeling that it is floating freely against the wall. Levier is available in three widths and heights. Choose one of six standard configurations or customize you own design.

Cate & Nelson

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