Mast Books Opens Second Bookstore by Savvy Studio

Mast Books Opens Second Bookstore by Savvy Studio

Savvy Studio has designed the second location of Mast Books. Located in New York's East Village, the Mast Bookstore is known for its functionality, simplicity and intellectualism. Taking elements from the original location, the studio has reinterpreted those ideas into the second bookstore to demonstrate its evolution.

The Mast Books bookstore is recognized throughout New York as a location that is as cozy as it is artistic, with a functional space that is not overly-designed yet representative of the brand. Therefore, it was important for Savvy to showcase these elements as well as present the evolution of the store in its new location.

For the second store, the space was reestablished so that books would be the focal point. Each and every book within the store is unique, and like a gallery, the one-of-a-kind books are part of a signature collection. Because of this exclusivity, the entire store was designed to be an organized space, one that perfectly showcases the books without being too cluttered.

Although the space was designed to be clean, there is a natural flow throughout the store, one that highlights the dynamic nature of the entire collection of books. Rich woods such as Maple plywood were used throughout the space, while the large entryway allows for natural light to enter the space organically. One of the two wooden floors dates back over one hundred years, and serves as an additional element of authenticity.

The functionality of the bookstore leads back to the bookcases, which were specially made to fit the location of the store. The large white walls circle the space help to reinforce the idea that the bookstore is more like an exhibition for the books. Another element for the store was the addition of the floating shelves that fill the perimeter of the space in a fitting way.

For the identity of Mast Books, Savvy wanted the visual elements to be a representation of the evolution the bookstore has undergone. Using graphics from the first store, the design team redid the typeface for Mast Books, choosing one that was modern, as a way to solidify the change for the brand. With strong yet subtle imagery, the design team created a system of grids, inspired by East Village's grid-like design, as an ode to the cultural and influential neighborhood that is home to the bookstore.

Photography: Adrianna Glaviano

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